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Passerelle Corp. is a private holding company. The company began in April 2002 and conducts its business through various divisions and subsidiaries with the determined objective of building a prominent global business.

If you research and analyze the most successful global companies, you will see that they are mostly conglomerates—in other words, they are holding companies with diversified subsidiaries under one umbrella. There is a practical reason for that but, instead of discussing the reason, let us simply say that we plan to follow their footsteps keeping well versed in mind that a conglomerate is possible only through delegation, partnership and often through minority ownership as opposed to majority or equal ownership of right organizations. This is the strategy of letting outstanding batters do the batting for you, while you sit back and collect the winnings; a commonsense strategy that seemed to have worked for a few extremely wealthy people in our society yet uncommon in practice due to incomprehensible reasons.

Our expansion strategy to become a conglomerate is twofold: First, to begin businesses with high-growth potential through subsidiaries in a collaborative effort with either partners or recruit competent staff to operate and manage those as part owners of the subsidiary. Second, to begin alliances with already established and equally potential, high-growth businesses through partnership or through direct investment.

We prefer the second strategy since the path of least resistance to wealth is investing in an established company with a track record. Generally, founders of an established company have already suffered the pains of a startup, paid their dues, and have navigated through much of the rough waters by the time they have brought the business to a point of taking off. Such experience, if correctly learned and heeded, is priceless. Hence, the risk of failure of an established business is substantially lower, whereas startups carry more risk. However, to get involved in established businesses requires a significant amount of immediate cash outlay. Therefore, at this juncture we would balance our focus between these two strategies.

In both cases, our ultimate goal is to work with the entities we would be involved in, to expand globally and then get them listed in a global public financial market with liquidity. Listing our subsidiaries on a public market is our ultimate goal since the trends and evidence in the financial markets indicate, indisputably, that a disproportionate amount of wealth is created through ownership of public company shares.

In addition, our extensive experience and research on global businesses and finances have led us to conclude that there is only a handful of ways to making consequential amounts of wealth. So we focus only on investing in organizations conducting businesses that fall within those narrow guidelines. Often it is not easy to find established companies that conduct business within the limited criteria at the price range we could afford, giving credence to well-timed start up ventures as the only alternative.

Our research has provided us irrefutable evidence as to the futility in attempting to build a prominent organization single-handedly, especially if one begins with insignificant capital. Building a prosperous global business needs partnership. Therefore, we seek out global partnerships to collaborate in most of the work we do, either through minority or majority ownership. What’s important is that we share ownership of profitable companies with competent management whose integrity will put the interest of the stockholders above short-term personal gain.

As we will elaborate more under the heading “Partnerships”, if any organization today takes leadership and forms global partnerships using an equitable formula to work as a team, then such an organization could expand rapidly to be a prominent company in the shortest possible time. However, formation of such a global partnership is easier said than done, hence, a small percentage of the world hail in the top ranks of wealth. Therefore, we understand that forming partnerships is a deliberate process that would test the patience of diplomacy and persistence in following through with such plans to a final conclusion.
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